the mission

Hi! I’m Jennie – flamework glass artist, jewellery designer/maker and teacher of flameworking and jewellery making. I specialise in working with wire, beads and glass components to make beautifully unique pieces of jewellery and art. My mission is to spread my love and knowledge of glass and jewellery making to as many people as possible – including you!

Getting started with either of these crafts may seem daunting. Although there is a wealth of information out there ( I know because I taught myself from it), it can be incredibly time consuming tracking down exactly what you want to know. My mission is to bring all of that information together in one place for anyone who needs it.

So what can I teach you?

Hopefully quite a lot!

The set up of either skill, including safety considerations

The basic tools required to get started, which brands are best and where to get them

Materials to use – what type of glass or wire depending on the purpose they will be used for

The basic techniques of each skill, getting you started the right way to eliminate wasting time and materials as you learn

Tips and tricks that will help you save time and create beautiful outcomes every time

The next steps – when you’re ready to move on from the basics

I have been asked many questions over the years but the consistent ones are:

Where do I get my inspiration?   How do I choose the colour combinations I use?    Why do I decide to use the materials that I do?   Did I really teach myself?……..

The answer to that last question is YES!

That is why I now want to share my knowledge with you and anyone else who is interested….it is time for me to ‘pay it forward’ as a thank you to all those who helped me get to where I am now.

So if you want to learn more about glass flameworking,  jewellery making or both, subscribe to my email list and you will receive VIP notifications of new blog posts, new video tutorials, new product launches , exhibitions/events and any in person workshops that I am running at my studio, Phoenix Art Glass here in Perth, West Australia.

I can’t wait to share with you!

Jennie xx


I was born in England and now live in Perth, West Australia. I started to make jewellery in 2004 and rapidly grew my skills, teaching myself from books and online resources. I have studied silver smithing and hot metal works, but my real passion is for flameworking glass and working with wire and other mixed media to create my work. I first lit a flameworking torch on December 30th 2009, teaching myself until 2015 when I attended my first workshop in Melbourne, Victoria.  

I am inspired by my surroundings here in Perth and by travelling to other countries and exploring different cultures.  Colour is a very big factor in my creations and I like to push the bar by incorporating unusual materials in my work. Balinese batiks, Thai and Indian Silks, Spanish leather, rubber, PVC tubing and Italian glass feature in my pieces alongside the more usual materials found in jewellery.  I have exhibited both in Australia and Internationally and now am excited to share my knowledge by teaching both online and from my studio in Perth, West Australia. 

As my creative journey continues,  I look forward to sharing my passions for flame working and jewellery making with you. My dream is to build a global ‘tribe’ of glass artisans, lovers and creatives. With every piece created, tutorial posted or information blog written,  I hope to showcase the versatility of glass and wire and bring the beauty of their possibilities to people worldwide.

Jennie xxx

the studio

The jewellery making table! It comfortably seats 10 on fully adjustable office chairs and is a great place to sit at to learn, socialise and be creative!

My studio, Phoenix Art Glass Studio is set in Whiteman Park, Perth, West Australia. I teach both flameworking and jewellery making courses from here and it is of course where I create my own jewellery and art pieces.

The hot area! 8 flameworking torches set around 4 stainless tables with a full ventilation system to each torch. The studio is also air conditioned as it can get quite hot in the summer months!

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Visit the studio

Phoenix Art Glass Studio

Rear of the Handcraft Shop

The Village Mall

Whiteman Park


Opening Hours

Wed: 9.30am-12.30pm

Fri: 10am-4pm

Sat: 10am-4pm

Any other times by appointment