Jewellery can tell a story before you say a word. How you accessorise defines your style and how you feel on any given day……whimsical, happy, serious, sad, businesslike. The beauty of art glass jewellery is its ability to portray all of these things, depending on the maker. It can be bold, understated, fun, minimal, edgy, classic, contemporary…the list is endless. It will complement your fashion aesthetic. The beauty of art glass jewellery can project any image of yourself that you desire.

So how can you use the beauty of art glass jewellery to accessorise a style? Here are some ideas


Kick Ass Rock Chick?

Layer large art glass beads with chunky chains around the neck. Combine art glass components with leather  straps and cords. Use bold funky cuffs of glass with leather bracelet wraps. Wear large glass rings and drop earrings of glass and metal. Use silver and black with accents of red or purple.

Feminine and Dressy?

Dainty gold chains with tiny handmade glass beads. Minimalist glass pendants or a single bead focal on long chain with tassels, very on trend at the moment. Small glass ear studs. Combine light pastel shades of art glass with pearls using the transparency of glass to evoke fragility.

Simply Boho?

Layer long strands of glass beads. Use silver chains with turquoise coloured glass for a Navajo vibe. Wear long leather cord necklaces with handmade glass focal pendants or multiple glass charm drops. Use suede wrap beaded bracelets, glass rings, and earth tones of tan, chestnut, dark brown and brick reds.

Boldly out there?

Brightly coloured, large glass pieces that are uniquely different and will draw comment and attention. Sculptured glass pieces that are more wearable art than jewellery. Large colourful glass beads in strands, layered around the neck or wrist.

These descriptions evoke an image of a person without knowing anything about them. The beauty of art glass jewellery is that just by owning a few select pieces from different designers, you can portray any image of yourself that you want when accessorising your look.

What is art glass jewellery and why should you choose to wear it?

To me, art glass jewellery is produced by hand not factory made and assembled. Each main component is designed specifically to produce the end result and crafted by the maker using skilled techniques in glass forming. Other mediums can be incorporated in the design, but the glass is always front and centre – the focal point of the piece. The beauty of art glass jewellery truly originates with the glass. Whether transparent, opaque, hollow, solid, lampworked or fused, glass is an incredibly diverse material offering endless inspiration for new directions.

Angelika necklace by Davide Penso. Murano, Italy.

Floral Bouquet Torque necklace by Jennie Merritt. Perth, West Australia

Although art glass jewellery can be made in production runs, there is normally a limit to how many of each piece is produced, due to the processes involved. You will find that much of the art glass jewellery released by makers is relatively unique and that is just one reason why you should choose to wear it.  It offers the wearer the chance to be different, to not be wearing the same necklace or bracelet as the person over there. It truly is “designer” jewellery but at a fraction of the cost of the fashion house lines produced globally.

Blown hollow bead necklace by Mantoan Murano. Murano, Italy.

Sculptured flamework glass Fox pendant by Murano, Italy

The pieces pictured here show the diversity and the beauty of art glass jewellery. Each piece is uniquely different and reflects the individual style and talent of the maker.  There are incredibly talented, innovative and skilled glass designers all over the world and as we travel our art glass jewellery and fashion journey together, I look forward to introducing you to some of them.

The beauty of art glass jewellery cannot be denied. The techniques of creation are varied and include the lampworking, blowing, fusing, slumping and coldworking of glass. Whatever your taste there are artisans out there who have spent years honing their skills to create these uniquely wearable glass accessories. If you have an interest in these makers of art glass jewellery around the World, art glass techniques, fashion trends and 40+ style, why not join our mailing list (link in the sidebar → ), and you will be among the first to receive notifications of new blog posts, new product releases and upcoming events.

Until next time

Jennie  ♥

Sculpted flamework glass Toucan pendant from Lauscha, Germany.


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